April 2021:

How to get the 𝘳𝘪𝘨𝘩𝘵 things done… trends, priorities and tips

March 2021:

Spring is the time of rebirth and inspiration, the season of creation


February 2021:

VERVE Quick read: What you need to know about…

January 2021:

NEW YEAR – new ideas, new objectives and new project


December 2020:

The New Year is Just Around the Corner…

November  2020:

Happy Thanksgiving and 2021’s Outlook!

October 2020:

As the leaves are swirling, so are we! 🍂

September 2020:

Ready for Quarter 4 of 2020?


August 2020:

Get the gears turning!

July 2020:

11 wonderful years… Thank you!


June 2020:

As summer begins, so does budget season…

May 2020:

Grow through what you go through


April 2020:

What drives your decisions?

March 2020:

How are you transitioning?


February 2020:

What is the single differentiator of successful teams?

January 2020:

New Year: new ideas, new objectives and new projects


December 2019:

Turn your plans into actions!

November 2019:

New projects? Lead them to success!


October 2019:

Budgets, Analysis and Reporting… Oh my!

September 2019:

A strategy, even a great one, does not implement itself.


August 2019:

Summer is ending and new projects & initiatives are starting!

July 2019:

Kicking off VERVE’s 10 Year Anniversary!




Episode 1: Why choose a consulting firm for your project management needs?

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Episode 2: What is the difference between strategy, operations and implementation?

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Episode 3: Why is post-merger integration support so important?

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Episode 4: What is your company worth?

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Advantages Using Management Consultants For Mergers & Acquisitions

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VERVE partners with some of the world’s leading businesses and provides innovative solutions with the same expertise of a Big Four firm or larger management consultancy. Being a privately held consulting firm allows us to offer greater value and flexibility to implement more efficient technology solutions, alter the operational status quo of an organization, and implement business strategies. With VERVE, you keep control of the entire process as we help you achieve your company goals.